Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear is a “toy-dog” - a companion dog. It is known for it’s soft and big white coat, which has a very “cotony” texture. Coton de Tulear simply means Cotton from Tulear (on Madagascar).


The Coton de Tulear has a fantastic temperament, which fits right into almost every family. They love attention and human company. They are very loyal and is very attached to it's family. It is one of the thing we love about cotons - their loyalty. They are always happy and loves to play. They are our little happy “clowns”. They are very easy to teach new tricks and are fast learners. They will easily obtain great results in different kinds of activities as agility. They are very intelligent. They demand grooming, which you can read more about on the next side, but they are great family dogs, and we can strongly recommend the Coton de Tulear.

The breed Coton de Tulear has it’s origin back in 1500, and came from the town Tulear on Madagascar. Coton de Tulear simply means Cotton from Tulear. It is believed that domestic dogs from Madagascar, have been mixed with the European bichon family (from France), which was with the sailors from Europe.


The Coton de Tulear was used to warn about dangerous animals, as Crocodiles, and it had advantage of its intelligence, fast and eagerness. The Coton was rare, but some colonists saved the breed, and the breeding was continued with the captured Cotons, and in France in 1979, there were approximately 33 Cotons and the breed became "popular", and spread to the surrounding countries. The first Coton was officially registered in Denmark in 1989. So it's still a relatively "new" breed here in Denmark.



With a Coton de Tulear grooming is an important factor.  You of course want your dog to have a well-groomed coat, without filters! Therefore, it is important that the dog gets used to grooming from start to stand on the table and to be groomed. The puppy have to get used to many things, so you both are ready for coat changing!


The Coton has no undercoat as other breeds have, therefore, it does not have periods with sheding as other breeds do, that is also why the Coton is called an allergy-friendly breed. The Coton therefore requires grooming, because if it does not get brushed it will get huge felters. The felters is formed from loose hair, sitting in the coat, and if the dog is not brushed it will turn into felt. Therefore, it is important that the Coton brushed several times a week, especially in the coat switching period. When the Coton is coat changing, it changes from puppy coat to adult coat, and it is therefore extremely important that you are thorough with grooming during this period.


You must first get it used to the brush, and to lie down on the side and the back, so it is easier to groom. You should also make sure to pick ear hair out, so that no fungus, or anything like that is in the ear canal. You need to cut the coat between it’s feet. All this I will learn you more about when buying a puppy from us.


There are many things you have to teach your puppy / dog so it becomes a social event, and not a nightmare for dog and owner when the dog needs care. It is also a good thing to learn the dog that getting bathed is not horrible! Too many dogs do not like bathing, but if you get it turned into something positive for the dog, it will enjoy it to the fullest.

When the coat changing from puppy- to adult coat begins, one can benefit from lessons learned from young, that grooming is not a bad thing. If one keeps grooming right then grooming is actually not that bad. There is hope, even though the coat seems overwhelming, it will change eventually. You need to be patience.

It is important that you never brush in a dirty coat, or in a dry coat. If you do this, then the coat will break, and then you never get a long and lovely coat. So wash therefore minimum your dog once a month, and in the change of coat period even more often.
 Personally, I am washing my dogs every 10 days. Coton coat is just much easier to keep when it is clean, especially when going through the change of coat period. I offer all my puppybuyers the possibilty of a groomingcourse - no matter if it will a beloved show dog or beloved pet.


Allergyfriendly dog

Coton de Tulear is an allergy-friendly-breed. It means that the dog does not shed, it has no undercoat and produces almost no dandruff. It is most times dogs-dandruff, many allergycs can't tolerate, but some can't tolerate the dogs saliva, and if that is the case, you probably still can't tolerate the Coton de Tulear.


Instead of the undercoat the Coton de Tulear has a layer of fat called lanolin. It is that layer which is an important part of protecting the coat and skin against the weather. It is also the lanolin that "is cleaning" the coat, when you have a weat and dirty dog, but when it is dry, that it is almost as white as before. Just because it is a allergy-friendly-dog, does it not mean that everybody can tolerate the Coton de Tulear. There are many sad stories with families, which have gotten them a Coton de Tulear, who unfortunately had to deliver it back, because they couldn't tolerate it.


It is therefore very important to test thoroughly if you can tolerate a Coton, if you are an allergic. You can test it by visiting someone who has a Coton de Tulear and then "rub" your fingers in the coat/fur. Try also to put a finger up to your eyes and "rub" underneath the eye. You can also have a tot sent to you. If you don't get a reaction after the test, then you probably can tolerate a coton.

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